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So your Dentist or Denturist spoke to you about your dental implants. Here is what happens on the day of your implant surgery.

Denture all on 4

Edentulous Jaw

  • Prior to your implant placement, the dentist will confirm your treatment plan.


  • In most cases – your lower arch of teeth will have already been removed or will be removed to create this foundation for your implants.


  • Your Denture will then be supported by both the planned implants, and your tissues.

Implant Placement

  • Utilizing a similar anesthetic as would be used to fill a cavity, the dentist will freeze your lower jaw prior to the implant placement.
  • Once frozen, a short and minimally invasive procedure is to follow taking between 25-45 minutes (number of implants placed dictates procedure time i.e. 2 vs 4)


  • Minimal trauma allows for a comfortable healing period.

Abutment Placement

  • Within the 25-45 minute procedure time, if initial stability is reached – the dentist will screw in the TiSi.snap abutment(s).


  • The TiSi.snap’s unique design allows for immediate stabilization of your denture.


  • Once the surgical aspect has been completed, your Denturist will take over to stabilize your denture immediately to the newly placed implant attachments.


  • This procedure will take a maximum of 30 minutes to apply the silicone material within your denture.

Denture sitting on gums

  • The silicone hold provides a cushion under function and rest, while stabilizing the denture vertically and horizontally.


  • Your healthcare providers will provide you a unique long-term maintenance plan, as well as home care instructions on maintaining your oral and prosthetic hygiene.

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